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Tools for wine tasting

The tall glass is the easiest and best wine tasting tool. A good tall cup generally has 250ml capacity. Do not use a small cup to taste high -grade wine. This is not only to say that the amount of drinking is that its taste is not fully performed, and it is not happy. Of course, you cannot abuse excessively large cups, so it is not a product but drinking it.


When the thickness of the cup wall is in contact with the lips, it will give people a different impression, which is also related to the habit of drinking with the cup. Usually people like to drink beer with thick walls, and they like to drink coffee with colorful glaze ceramic cups. If you drink the same wine and use two different and thin cups, the taste of the taste will I feel that this cup of light is better, so wine tasting should use light and transparent tall glass.

The legs of the high cup should be high enough, the foot is flat, and the cup body should not be too short. If the cup legs are not high enough, people’s hands will grab the cup body, and change the wine in the cup to change the original state of the wine; if the cup is not large enough, it cannot be placed on the table smoothly; It will affect the amount of liquor, and inadequate fragrance performance. Ordinary wine glass, the cup is 155 ± 5mm height, the height of the cup is 100 ± 2mm, the diameter of the cup is 65 ± 2mm, the diameter of the cup mouth is 46 ± 2mm, the wall thickness of the cup is 0.8 ± 0.1mm, and the cup leg is 55 ± 3mm. The legs are 9 ± 1mm, and the diameter of the foot is 65 ± 5mm.


In France, different types of wines have different shapes of cups, which is also related to the preferences and habits of the wine production area. Before 1914, there were about 6 series and 12 cups, which were water cups, Bolg nien cups, Bordeaux Cups, Champagne Cups, Porter Cups and Wine Cups. In addition to the general capacity of the water cup, the general capacity is 240 to 270ml, the capacity of the Bolg nirvana is 190-220ml. The previous Bordeaux Cup was very small, the capacity was only 120-150ml, and now it is also changed to 270ml. Of course, for the tastor, you can choose a cup type and capacity to taste the wine in all producing areas, but generally speaking, champagne wine is used in champagne cups. Return and observation. Pinbailan has a short -legged stomach to collect cups, and it is easy to heat up the aroma of aging with your hands.

For wine glasses for tasting static wine, generally use a high -wolf elongated transparent and cut -top transparent glass with a capacity of 210 to 225ml, and the amount of alcohol poured into is about 70-80ml. Remember, no matter what cup is used, the amount of alcohol poured into the cup can only account for 1/3 or up to 3/5 of the cup capacity. The liquor will not obtain a large flavor of the volatile concentration.

As for the cleaning of the wine glass, you need to pay special attention to the washing glass. Do not wipe it with any paper towels or cloth towels. Just use distilled water to split it. Skill the empty cup to remove the smell in the cabinet.

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