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What are the taboos for the worship and maintenance of black sandalwood pixiu

Black sandalwood pixiu is made of black sandalwood, which has a dense structure, uniform hardness, and a metallic luster. What the market truly recognizes is Indonesian ebony, which is a national treasure of Indonesia. As one of the world’s famous trees, Indonesian ebony is the ultimate in both quality and grade among mahogany.


Generally speaking, a cup of clean water should be provided next to the black sandalwood pixiu, and the height of the water cup should not exceed the pixiu’s mouth. The cup should be kept clean for a long time. After discussing its worship, let’s talk about the maintenance of black sandalwood pixiu. In fact, black sandalwood pixiu, like other wooden items such as rosewood bracelets, black sandalwood furniture, etc., all need to be carefully maintained. Once the black sandalwood pixiu is placed, do not easily move it. Even if it needs to be moved, it is necessary to wrap the head of the pixiu with a red cloth. Before placing it again, rinse it with water and let it dry naturally. In normal times, if the black sandalwood pixiu is dirty, it needs to be brushed with a clean toothbrush.


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