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Tibetan Buddhism Dharmapala_ Baimahagala

In the Buddhist scriptures, it is said that White Mahagala can protect all sentient beings, eliminate various fears, escape poverty, and remove obstacles that are not smooth. This statue is adorned with a five skull crown and a flame shaped red hair adorned with a long snake. Eyebrows raised, three eyes glaring angrily, showing a fierce and angry expression. Her upper body is exposed, she is wearing a skirt, with a human head hanging from her neck, and she is adorned with wreaths and bracelets. The main arm holds Mani Bao in the right hand, and the left hand holds the Gabala with a treasure bottle. The other four arms are divided into hands, holding a axe, a trident (now lost), a Gabala drum, and a Vajra hook. They step on evil to attract heaven and inherit the lotus platform. Because he can satisfy the reasonable wishes of all beings like the Cintamani, it is also called the Six Arm Ruyi Parent Ruyi Jewel.


Baimahagara is the wisdom Dharma Protector of Shambhagaju and Sakya Sect seeking wealth. It is said that he lives in the cool Shmashana of Vajrayana in India. In order to increase wealth, fortune, fame, longevity and other enrichment methods, the faithful will meet all their demands. This statue wears a skull crown and rushes up in anger. Three eyes wide open, tongue flashing, compatible with fierce anger. Dressed in elephant skin, with a human head hanging from the neck, adorned with snake decorations for solemnity.


The six armed hands hold the axe, gabala, skull prayer beads, trident (now lost), gabala drum, and diamond hook (now lost). Step on the evil and attract the sky, and settle in the flames of Prajna with a left standing combat posture. The whole image has a vivid and vivid shape, and the body shape is full of tension, making it a masterpiece in the Karka Mongolian God of Wealth statues.


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