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Advantages of Jinsi Nanmu

The first is that it is corrosion-resistant and can be buried in the ground for thousands of years without decay, so the emperor’s coffin is mostly made of golden nanmu.

The second is: insect prevention. Golden silk nanmu has a strong aroma of nanmu, and ancient books record that it is not invaded by hundreds of insects. Golden silk nanmu cabinets can store clothes, books, calligraphy, and paintings to avoid insects. Modern experiments have proven that golden silk nanmu is resistant to the erosion of wood decay fungi and termites, and has strong resistance to marine drilling animals. Therefore, the Royal Bookcase Bookcase chooses golden silk nanmu. In modern times, extremely valuable books and souvenirs should also be made of golden silk nanmu boxes as long as conditions permit, In 2005, the genealogy of the Song family sent by Hu Jintao to James Soong in Taiwan was a letter box made of nanmu.


The third is that in winter, it is not cool to touch. Nanmu is commonly used in the palace to make beds, which are not cold in winter and not hot in summer, and do not harm the body. However, other hardwoods do not possess this excellent characteristic.

The fourth is that old materials are asexual, not easily deformed, and rarely crack. Due to its smooth texture and resistance to deformation, it not only has low swelling and shrinkage, but also has good nail grip in hardness, which is very suitable for the dry north. Compared to rosewood and rosewood, collecting them in the north requires a lot of effort to prevent cracking.


The fifth is: the patterns are fine, dense, and magnificent, exquisitely crafted. The ground of Jinsi Nan wood is warm and soft, with delicate and smooth textures. The newly cut wood has a yellow to green surface, and emits a delicate fragrance of Chen Chen when it rains. The objects made of golden nanmu do not have a strong and sturdy feeling, and their shape is beautiful. Under the light, they emit a golden light, but they are also pure and innocent, quiet and low-key.

The sixth point is: collectible value. Golden silk Nan trees are rare and protected by the state. They cannot be cut down at will. Old materials are obtained from demolishing old houses, temples, and palaces, and their quantity is even rarer and decreasing. Especially for millennium old houses, how can people demolish houses to collect materials? Golden silk Nan’s survival is far rarer than rosewood.

The seventh is: unique aroma. The aroma of golden silk Nan not only can prevent moths, but it can even smell like the precious agarwood. The older the seasoning, the better the scent. Placing our beloved items in the golden silk Nan box can also create that delicate fragrance.

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