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The King of Stones_ Fuzhou Shoushan Stone

Shoushan Stone, one of the traditional seal stones in China, is known as the “King of Stones”. Since 2011, Shoushan Stone has gone through a market frenzy, a trough after the frenzy, and now it is gradually adjusting and heating up. What is the current situation of the Shoushan stone market? Under the two-way choice of investment value and artistic value, where will the future market path of Shoushan Stone go?


For the future development of the Shoushan stone market, it is in the process of value reconstruction. Compared to the highest period in history, there is still a lot of room for the price of Shoushan stone to rise. As a collection of Scarcity resources, Shoushan Stone’s resource attribute is often mentioned too much. From the perspective of the long-term development of the industry, it is not enough to simply emphasize the resource. Shoushan stone has been mined without planning for 20 years, with the output exceeding the total mining output in history. The resources have been completely destroyed, and a large number of Shoushan stone resources have been wasted by poor carving, resulting in a pattern that Shoushan stone pays more attention to material than technology.


With the continuous expansion of the market size of Shoushan stone in recent years, collectors have gradually formed objective and independent aesthetic and collection standards. In the long run, the market will shift from investment oriented to collection oriented, and the cultural and artistic value of Shoushan stone will be more explored. This is also evident from the recent popularity of classic works by auction masters. It can be expected that in the future market, only collections with craftsmanship and aesthetic connotations will have more collection value, meet the aesthetic standards of collectors, and receive dual returns on collection and investment.

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