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Mysterious Nine Eyed Tianzhu

In recent years, at major auctions, mysterious celestial beads from the snowy plateau have been particularly eye-catching, costing at least tens of thousands of yuan. Authentic two eyed Tianzhu of ordinary quality, with a minimum cost of over 100000 yuan per pearl; And the old Tianzhu, which has been worshipped by incense for years, is simply priceless!


Tianzhu, also known as “Tianyan Zhu”, is a rare jewelry with rich ethnic and religious colors, containing mysterious legends, and a special magnetic field. The material of Tianzhu is actually a kind of Sedimentary rock, called Jiuyan Stone Shale. Because it contains jade and agate, it is considered to be a rare gem. The Tibet Autonomous Region of China belongs to the the Himalayas, and the rock contains nine eye stone shale. Tibetans endow the stone with strong religious beliefs, and grind it into various colored beads of different sizes.


Tianzhu has one eye, two eyes, three eyes, up to nine eyes, twelve eyes, eighteen eyes, etc. Generally speaking, the more eyes there are, the higher the price. However, among the many heavenly pearls, only the Nine Eyed Tianzhu is considered the “King of Tianzhu”. Because ‘nine’ is the largest in the Yang number and has the most noble meaning, and Tibetan compatriots highly value this number. In the eyes of Tibetan compatriots, the Nine Eyed Heavenly Pearl embodies the virtues of the Nine Elements, representing the power and compassion of all beings. It is a magical treasure that Tibetan compatriots and many Buddhist believers love and respect the most.

The Tianzhu is divided into various totems, and the Nine Eyed Tianzhu is the king of Tianzhu, which embodies the Nine Elements of Merit and represents the power and compassion of all beings. The Nine Eyed Tianzhu is an exorcism that can turn misfortune into auspiciousness, and has the function of protecting, eliminating chronic viruses, and preventing deterioration. It has incredible power. When Princess Princess Wencheng married Songtsen Gampo, she brought a Buddha statue, which was inlaid with all kinds of jewelry. The most obvious place above the hat was three nine eyed pearls.

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