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Collection of Yixing clay teapot

At present, the Yixing clay teapot has become one of the most popular collections in the Chinese ceramic art world. With the continuous expansion of the collection population and the continuous promotion and development of the tea drinking culture, the Yixing clay teapot has a wide space for investment and collection. An expert once proposed this viewpoint: “In fact, when playing with or hiding pots, one should skillfully use market trends. When the market is hot, one should concentrate their funds and focus on their favorite works; when the market is cold, it is even the best time to search for pots


Senior collectors of Yixing clay teapot have warned collectors that playing and collecting pots can not be separated from “shape, quality, workmanship, decoration and style”: “shape is the shape of the utensil. Especially for the collection and identification of the old Yixing clay teapot, the shape of the utensil reveals the characteristics of the times, and is also the first point to appreciate the old Yixing clay teapot.” At present, there are far fewer people collecting the old Yixing clay teapot than playing with the new Yixing clay teapot, because the threshold for identifying authenticity is relatively high. Relatively speaking, people playing with the new Yixing clay teapot are everywhere. Playing with the new Yixing clay teapot is easy to get started. Firstly, it is important to choose famous artists. Secondly, it is important to be adept at identifying young and middle-aged purple clay artists with potential for development. Thirdly, it is important to collect high-quality pots, which are of excellent quality and decorative designs. Many folk artists also have many high-quality products. But learning the relevant knowledge of Yixing clay teapot and understanding the development of the whole purple clay pot industry is essential for collecting and investing in Yixing clay teapot, and is the most effective method. We should not rely solely on reading, but also play with physical objects and walk and see more.


Five characteristics of authentic Yixing Yixing clay teapot
1. The longer the purple sand container is used, the brighter the body, because the tea itself can also be kept in the pot during the brewing process.
2. The purple sand container has good cold and hot reactivity, which can be burned on fire or used in a microwave without bursting.
3. Slow heat transfer, insulation, and no burning sensation when in use.
4. The green body can absorb the aroma of tea. Occasionally, the Yixing clay teapot that has been used to brew tea does not contain tea, and its water also has tea flavor.
5. The mud color of Yixing clay teapot is related to the tea that is often brewed. When making black tea, the teapot will change from reddish brown to reddish brown. When making green tea, the sand pot will change from reddish brown to brownish brown.


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