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Double cigarette pot in snuff bottle

The double linked form is the most classic imperial style in 18th century palace porcelain, with black and white jade being the preferred material for Su Zuo tobacco kettles, but sister double linked tobacco kettles like this are relatively rare. This smoking pot has a regular shape and a delicate bore. Although it is not large in size, it still exudes a dignified atmosphere.


In theory, any form of Snuff bottle can be made into two, three, four, or more, which greatly increases the range of theoretical forms. But in reality, this has certain limitations. Some silver medicine bottles are also included in the Snuff bottle collection. There are as many as 6 identical rectangular bottles connected together. However, this form is more common with three to four connected together.


Among Snuff bottle, the most common one is the dual snuff bottle. For general snuff smokers, carrying different types of snuff at the same time will be subject to many practical restrictions, unless they can tolerate mixing different types of snuff together. To a certain extent, this dual smoking pot can solve this problem by placing two different types of snuff into the smoking pot without mixing them together.

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