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The story of the nine -color deer

There is a deer next to the Ganges. Its hair has nine colors, and its horns are as white as snow. Nine -color deer went to the river to eat grass and drink water every day. Here is a good friend of it, a crow. One day, a person accidentally fell into the river. When I saw Jiuren, I hurried to the river, and fell into the river regardless of danger and rescued that person ashore. The man wanted to thank Jiuye Deer, and Jiuye Deer shook his head and said, “I save you, not to tell you to thank me. You go back, as long as you don’t tell everyone.” After speaking, I went back. That person said, “It’s certain, I don’t tell others nothing.” After speaking, I went back.


The queen of this country had a strange dream one night, and saw a deer. Its hairy had nine colors, and his horns were as white as snow. She woke up and said to the king, “I want nine -color deer, take its skin as a cushion, you can find it for me. Otherwise, I will die.”
The king told the people across the country: who can find the nine -color deer, give him half of the country, and give him a pot of gold.


But no one has seen Jiude Deer, and no one knows where the nine -color deer is. There is only one person, that is, the nine -color deer saved him. He thought: “This is good, I can have a pot of gold, and it is divided into half of the country!” He ran to the palace and asked the king to take the soldiers and horses to catch the nine -color deer together.

On this day, Jiuye Deer was lying on the ground. Its good friend was the crow, standing on the branches, and saw the person from a distance: “Nine -color deer saves you, why do you have to harm him? “That person couldn’t speak.

The king called his soldiers to open a way, put the nine -color deer, and gave a order: “In the future, no one is allowed to catch the nine -color deer.” What about that person? He did not get a full of gold. It was not divided into half of the country. The king asked the soldiers to tie him up and still go to the Ganges.

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