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The Story of Chang’e Flying to the Moon

Hou Yi performed extraordinary martial arts and was respected and loved by the people. However, he killed the son of the Heavenly Emperor, who blamed him and demoted him and Chang’e to mortal life. Many patriots have come to join the apprenticeship to learn art. The cunning and cunning Peng Meng also infiltrated. Hou Yi felt sorry for Chang’e. In addition to passing on the arts and hunting, he spent all day with his wife and said, “The sky has a strict hierarchy, and he is also at ease in the world. However, mortal beings will eventually die. If they want to live forever, they must cross weak waters, climb volcanoes, climb Kunlun, and seek elixir from the Queen Mother of the West


With his unparalleled martial arts and superhuman will, Hou Yi crossed the burning mountains and weak waters, climbed the cliffs, and arrived at the top of Kunlun Mountain. The Queen Mother of the West admired Hou Yi’s actions and sympathized with his suffering, but there was only one elixir left. She said, “The elixir of immortality is made from the fruit of immortality. The elixir blooms once every three thousand years and bears fruit once every three thousand years. Refining the elixir takes another three thousand years. Now there is only one elixir left, and sharing it with two people can lead to immortality. One person can ascend to heaven and become an immortal by eating it alone

Hou Yi returned and discussed with his wife Chang’e to find an auspicious day to share his food, and temporarily entrusted the elixir to Chang’e for safekeeping. Chang’e hid the medicine in the treasure chest of the dressing table, only to be seen by Pengmeng. When Hou Yi led his followers out on a hunting trip, the mischievous Peng Meng pretended to be sick and stayed behind. Not long after Hou Yi led the crowd away, Peng Meng broke into the backyard of the inner house with a sword in hand, threatening Chang E to hand over the elixir. Chang’e knew she was not Pengmeng’s opponent. In a critical moment, she made a decisive decision and turned to open the treasure chest, took out the elixir and swallowed it in one gulp.


Chang’e swallowed the medicine and immediately floated off the ground, rushed out of the window, and flew towards the sky. Due to Chang’e’s concern for her husband, she flew down to the nearest moon in the world and became an immortal. In the evening, Hou Yi returned home and the maids cried out about what had happened during the day. Hou Yi was both startled and angry, and drew his sword to kill the villain. Peng Meng had already escaped. Angry, Hou Yi pounded his chest and shouted loudly. Heartbroken Hou Yi looked up at the night sky and called out the name of his beloved wife. At this moment, he was surprised to find that the moon today was exceptionally bright and bright, and there was a swaying figure that resembled Chang’e. Hou Yi hurriedly sent people to Chang’e’s favorite backyard, set up incense tables, and put on her favorite honey and fresh fruits, to offer a distant sacrifice to Chang’e, who was deeply attached to him in the moon palace.

After hearing the news of Chang’e becoming an immortal on the moon, the people set up incense tables under the moon to pray for good luck and peace to the kind Chang’e.

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