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Investment and Collection Space for Purple Clay Pots

In the profound tea culture of the Chinese nation, people have always regarded drinking tea as the best way to relax. To make a good pot of tea, it is necessary to have good tea utensils, and with the rise of the sand art craze in recent years, there are more and more people who love purple sand art. The purple clay pot is not only a favorite among tea sets, but also a treasure in the eyes of collectors. But with the comprehensive adjustment of the art market, purple clay pots have encountered the same situation as other artworks. After experiencing a sharp price increase from 2010 to 2012, the prices have gradually slowed down in the past two years. The reporter learned from the market that the purple clay market in 2014 showed a trend of “polarization”, with a decline in the consumption of mass commodity kettles. However, mid to high-end purple clay kettles worth tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan are still selling well.


At present, the purple clay pot has become one of the most popular collections in the Chinese ceramic art world. With the continuous expansion of the collection population and the continuous promotion and development of tea drinking culture, the investment and collection space of the purple clay pot is quite broad. An expert once proposed this viewpoint: “In fact, when playing with or hiding pots, one should skillfully use market trends. When the market is hot, one should concentrate their funds and focus on their favorite works; when the market is cold, it is even the best time to search for pots

The authenticity of the purple clay pot can be identified from two aspects. One is from the bright color. A true purple clay pot has a body weight and a purple color, and due to being touched by human hands for a long time, it presents a shimmering radiance. The newly made purple clay pots are generally loose in texture, with a yellowish color, with fewer bright ones and more dull ones. Even if there is light, it is polished with wax.


You can pour water on the body of the pot and observe carefully. A purple clay pot made of high-quality sand material has good breathability and water permeability, and the water on the pot will slowly evaporate until it is absorbed by the pot itself; Once the fake and inferior kettle is watered, the water will roll down in the shape of beads and quickly disappear. A high-quality purple clay pot that is completely dry will make a “sizzling” sound once it is filled with boiling water.

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