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The identification and choice of incense in the art of incense

The incense is the art of changing the fragrance of natural incense materials. Then the incense used must be naturally natural, and the natural smell is brought by naturally, not to say that soaking in some wood in the essential oil is the incense of the incense. Essence No matter what form of fragrance you use, it must be a natural fragrance without artificial synthesis, which is critical.


Fragrant, such as roses, jasmine, osmanthus, cherry blossoms, orchids, citrus, these flowers or fruits with aromatherapy, we all divide it in the fragrance category, it is not the main fragrance of incense, and the incense road. There are some differences in incense, which belongs to primary incense materials.

Common fragrances, such as frankincense, no medicine, borneol, musk, and dragon Yan Yan, webly sort it in Hexiang. Because these incense materials themselves have different fragrances, and after the reconciliation of ratio, it exudes a natural fragrance, and it is more and more smelling. The incense made of these incense materials is also called “Hexiang” and “refining incense”.


Sandalwood, sandalwood is the traditional mainstream of incense. The sandalwood aroma is sweet and elegant, which can be accepted and loved by the public. But why do you list a classification alone? Because sandalwood has different production areas and different age. The taste of sandalwood with different tree -year -olds in different production areas is also different.

Then we have to be subdivided as: East India Laoshan Sandalwood, Dongjia Tankan, Australia and Indonesian sandalwood according to different production areas.
Indian old mountain sandalwood has a pure and fragrant flavor, with a strong milk aroma unique to sandalwood. It is the best in sandalwood.
Dongjantan, fragrant, has obvious sweetness. It is the main raw material for refining sandalwood essential oil. Milk fragrance is relatively light.
Australian sandalwood, also known as Johor Bahru, is elegant and fresh. There is no milk flavor, the aftertaste is sweet.
Indonesian sandalwood, also known as fragrant sandalwood, is sweet, rich in exotic mood, similar to common Indian fragrance. It is the raw material for making perfume fragrance.
Sandalwood fragrance can be accepted by the public, so friends who usually enter and exit should start with sandalwood. Especially friends who have always used fragrance or aromatherapy, should first taste the sandalwood of various production areas in the early stage of the incense. This can quickly identify the difference between natural wood and flavors and from the familiar aromatherapy. Bring it out, and the entry of the incense road is faster.

Agarwood, agarwood is the main incense of incense. The agarwood and sandalwood are different. It is not wood but because the branches of the incense are eroded by the outside world, forming a trauma and fragrance. Correctly speaking, agarwood is a crystalline substance of oil, like amber. It has good medicinal value. Due to the different years of incense and the environment of fragrance, the fragrance of agarwood is different, and the price is far from the price. Due to the continuous adoption in recent years, the price of agarwood has been soaring, which is the reason that things are rare.

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