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Chinese traditional incense equipment

Incense has always been associated with beautiful, elegant, mysterious, precious, etc. Therefore, the production products related to incense culture such as agarwood, incense burner, and incense wrap represent the highest level of craftsmanship in the times. It is very particular. Many tools are inlaid with luxurious portrayal, which looks very exquisite. Looking at the incense alone, it is artistic enjoyment.


Sweet utensils are some utensils needed when using incense, also known as incense (strictly speaking, the tools used when making incense are called “fragrant wares”, and the tools when using incense are called “fragrance”). In addition to the most common incense burner, there are hand stoves, fragrant buckets, incense tube (that is, incense cage), lying cooker, launching ball (that is, incense balls), incense inserts, fragrant boxes, fragrant clips, fragrant, incense shovel, shovel shovel , Spoon, sachet, etc. The rich incense utensils are not only to facilitate the use of different types of incense, but also some beautiful ornaments.


The production of traditional incense in my country is very similar to the Chinese medicine and Taoist elixir. It uses natural spices and Chinese medicine materials as raw materials. It is completed according to the specific programs and laws such as the selection of spices, the formula, the fragrance, the compatibility, and the heat. The incense used in ancient times was mainly “fragrant”, and there were fewer “single items” made of single incense medicines. Most incense medicines must be used by “processing” (special treatment) to make incense.

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