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Guqin’s long history

Guqin is the earliest string instrument of the Han nation. It is a treasure of Han traditional culture. Its sound, stable, and far -reaching, as bright as pearls. She has a long history, Hanhao, rich connotation, and far -reaching influence. It has always been cherished by the world. According to incomplete statistics in the “Music Poems” of the Tang Dynasty, there are as many as seven or eighty poems in Yongqin poetry. How many bright notes did Yao Qin have brought to literati, and how many bright notes have left in art history? May wish to feel it by Tang Shi.


Qin, commonly known as Guqin and Qixianqin. It has a long history of more than 3,000 years. As early as the pre -Qin period, Qin was a widely circulated and loved string instrument. In my country’s first poetry collection, the Book of Songs, there is a poem “Qinse is in the royal, no quiet”, which describes the scene of people’s condensed sounds and the degree of love for “Qinse”. At that time, Qin and Se were like a twin sisters, and they were inseparable. Therefore, there were records such as “Qin Se” and “Drum Qin Se” in the Book of Songs.


Guqin production generally needs to be selected, bottomed, digging, piano, gray paint and other processes. The whole body of the piano is a resonance box. The piano noodles use a piece of three feet and six inches long, six inches wide, and two inches thick tung wood boards. The long -wide Zimu board is used as the bottom of the piano, and the piano noodles and the bottom of the piano are adhered and piano. Thirteen piano emblems are embedded on the piano noodles in a certain proportion. The emblem can be made with jade, shells, and gold. There are seven string on the piano noodles. One end is tied to the piano, and one end is entangled in the geese foot. Regarding the production of Guqin, as early as the Book of Songs, there were the seventh century BC of Wei Wengong moved to Chuqiu (now Henan Shouxian) to rebuild the country and plan the city. In the records of preparing the piano, it can be seen that Guqin production has a long history.

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