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History and artistic characteristics of furniture in the Ming Dynasty

Ming -style furniture is an important part of my country’s furniture art and one of the important achievements in the history of my country’s arts and crafts. Its main artistic features are: simplicity and strong shape, reasonable structure, smooth and lively lines, proper decoration, exquisite processing and beautiful processing, simple and natural materials.




Ming -style furniture has a concise, stable, majestic, and handsome style. Such as the official hat chair, there are two styles: Nanguan Hatchain and the first style of the four. The back of the Nanguan hat chair is more “S” curve, the middle horizontal number, or a penetration of the holes of Ruyi Yuntou, or carving a set of simple patterns, the lower part of the dental plate, a set of reliefs in a group of reliefs Hook lotus pattern. Its material can be rounded and square, can be straight and straight, the edges and corners are round, forming a soft circular angle, which is compared with the tall chair shape. In the first four, the corners of the back of the chair are not soft round, but the brain and armrest beams are slightly turned back to the back and the outer side through the pillars to form a delicate and smooth curve. Gives a soft and comfortable feeling. The back line of the chair is designed according to the natural curve of the back of the human back. It is used with a multi -version. Its beautiful and clear wood grain and modern modeling method make it look like today. A perfect outstanding design and excellent crafts.


The structure of the furniture material in the Ming Dynasty generally uses a tenon -and -mortise structure, and rarely uses nails or glue. The above -mentioned artistic characteristics of Ming -style furniture are closely related to this unique craftsmanship and structural principles.

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