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The beauty of harmony is the essence of classical furniture, the beauty of harmony is the essence

The concept of Chinese classical furniture design is deeply influenced by traditional culture. First of all, adhering to the idea of “the unity of heaven and man”, especially the use of the use of raw wood and its texture, it produces the beauty of hard texture, elegant color, and gorgeous texture, and the beauty of stable, simple and smooth trend; The meaning of the circle chair is small to the tooth plate, horseshoe feet, etc. vividly and fully show the harmony between the creation and nature. The second color is thick but not dull, gorgeous but not vulgar, and the tight proportion scale, the design concept of Fang and Zhongzhong in the garden, is the philosophical idea of ancient Chinese Tianyuan places. The contrast between the three curves and the straight line, the soft and rigidity, the reality and the reality, and the smart and calm design concept fully show the concept of “adapting to nature, advocating the frugality” of life. And the value orientation of “Hao Pu Shouzhen, Silent and Silent”. The fourth carving a large amount of auspicious patterns on furniture is the impact of people’s aesthetic ideas on the concept of mahogany furniture design. These exquisite auspicious patterns not only play a good decorative role, but also add a bit of blessing the meaning of auspiciousness to the furniture, which meets people’s spiritual needs.


The essence of traditional Chinese furniture lies in God, not in shape. The changes of the shape are ever -changing, and the context of the Warring States Period, the Qin and Han dynasties, the Jin, the Tang Dynasty, the Song and Yuan Dynasties, and the Ming and Qing dynasties; from the low to high is the development of Chinese furniture, and Jian Xiangfan is the helpless pursuit of Chinese furniture. Among ancient Chinese furniture, whether it is bedding (rest), inheritance (work), sitting (rest) or 庋 (storage), you can leave the form and tell future generations about the meaning of its existence and invisible existence of time and space. Smart enjoyment.

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