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Traditional incense and elegant life

The incense of the ancients is a wonderful thing. It is fragrant, with pepper Handfen and sinking brain musk. It is also aesthetic, paying attention to elegance, borrowing, and artistic conception. There are “burning incense with the moon”, “fragrant and vulnerable”, “fragrant and elegant, the warmth of the incense, the nobles of the incense”, there are elimination of the fragrance and the fragrance of the plague, the fragrance of the Buddha There are “cold fragrance” and “warm incense”, which are colorful and interesting.


It is even more “investigated”, which can maintain the body and mind and open sexual spirit. He also pays attention to the understanding of the heart with incense and Pinxiang. That’s why Du Fu’s “heart clearly smells the wonderful incense”, Su Shi’s “nasal view first”, Huang Tingjian’s “hidden a few fragrances, Lingtai Zhankong Ming”. When it is close to mind, it is closer to daily life and closer to ordinary people. Although it is expensive for Tianxiang, it is not a high -top and high -top -top -toped proposal. As “Xunzi · Division” states: The emperor who “live like a great god, moves like the emperor” is also healthy, which is no different from the people.


In fact, in the beginning of the Han Dynasty, in addition to the effect of nourishing and health, incense and health, incense and incense have also become a symbol of rights and identities. The emperor used the jade furnace, the queen’s gold furnace, the prince’s wrong gold furnace … the minister bronze furnace. Different aromas also represent different identities and have different functions.

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