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Bamboo root carving Luohan appreciation

The abbreviation of Luohan, Arahant, Arhat, was first introduced from India to China, that is, consciously, in Mahayana Buddhism, Lohan is lower than Buddha, Bodhisattva, and is the third class, and Luo Han in theravada can reach The highest fruit position. There are three layers of explanations in the free translation: one can help people get rid of all the troubles in life; the other is that they can accept the support of the heavens and the world; the third says that it can help people no longer suffer from reincarnation. That is, killing thieves, supplies, and no life is the highest fruit of the Buddha’s disciples. The Luo Han people are all physically and mentally pure, and ignorance has been broken (killing thieves). It has been lifted and died, and it is proved to be Nirvana (no birth). It can be respected by the people (should be confession). Before the life span is not exhausted, there is still less desire for Brahma in the world, cleaning morality, and teaching with fate.





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