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Four calligraphy and painting in Chinese history

Six Dynasties
The Six Dynasties refer to the Soochow, Song, Qi, Liang, and Chen of the Eastern Jin, Eastern Jin, and Southern Dynasties of the Three Kingdoms. Four, in the history of painting, refers to the Eastern Wu Cao, Gu Kaizhi, the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Song Lu Danwei in the Southern Dynasty, and Liang Zhang Seng in the Southern Dynasty. The Tang Dynasty Zhang Huaiyu commented on the paintings of the Six Dynasties: “Zhang (Monk) gets its meat, Lu (Discovering Micro) has its bones, Gu (Kai Zhi) gets his god.” Essence In the Yuan Dynasty, Tang Hou believed that Cao Boying’s “Map of the Bingu” volume, “The meaning of the pen is suspected to be done in the late Tang and early Song Dynasty.”


Four Southern Song Dynasty
Li Tang, Liu Songnian, Ma Yuan, and Xia Gui of the Southern Song Dynasty Southern House. It belongs to Hao Zongjian all the way. At the beginning, there was no such saying that the Yuan Dynasty Tang Hou said: “The names of the people named the Southern Song Dynasty Painting Academy, if Li Tang, Zhou Zeng, Ma Yuan, Xia Gui, Li Di, Li Anzhong, Lou Guan, Liang Kai’s apprentice, the servants of Li Tang In addition to appreciation, the rest can not be done. “The advocate that this speaker was Tang Yin’s” Spring Mountain Xianyin Map “in the Ming Dynasty Tang Yin. Later, Tu Long said: “Li Tang, Liu Songnian, Ma Yuan, Xia Gui, and the four people after the Nanku also.” Zhang Chou believed: “Liu Songnian in the Southern Song Dynasty was the crown, Li Tang, Ma Yuan, and Xia Gui were the second.” Then said: “Liu, Li, Ma, and Xia are all in the name of the name, and Li and Ma are the most.”


Four in Yuan Dynasty
The four representative painters of the landscape paintings of the Yuan Dynasty. There are two main sayings: one refers to Zhao Mengfu, Wu Zhen, Huang Gongwang, and Wang Meng. The second refers to Huang Gongwang, Wang Meng, Ni Yan, and Wu Zhen. Secondly, it is more popular. There are also Zhao Mengfu, Goghgong, Huang Gongwang, Wu Zhen, Ni Yan, and Wang Menghe as the “Yuan Liujia”. Although the style of painting has its own characteristics, it is mainly developed on the basis of the five generations of Dong Yuan and the giant of the Northern Song Dynasty. It is heavy and interesting, and combines calligraphy and poetry. Essence

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