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The value of nuclear carving collection is increasingly prominent

The quaint and elegant and exquisite nuclear carvings show the natural interest of returning to the reward. In recent years, its collection value has become increasingly prominent, and it is becoming more and more enthusiastic by collectors.


As early as the Ming Dynasty, the nuclear carving made countless collectors amazed with its unique artistic charm. It not only became popular in the people, but also became popular and became a pet. The most famous nuclear carving work in the Ming Dynasty is the nuclear carving in the hand of the master Wang Shuyuan in the ancient text “Nuclear Boat”. The boatman took a night to travel to Chibi at night. In the Qing Dynasty, the nuclear carving was doubled. At that time, a nuclear carving master Du Shiyuan’s nuclear carving “Dongpo Tour Chibi” was sold to 50 two silvers.


Today, the nuclear carving market has been popular year by year. A few years ago, the price of an olive nuclear carving was more than 50 yuan to 200 yuan. Now it is at least 500 yuan. The single -piece representative works of famous artists are over 10,000 yuan, and it is difficult to find. In the auction market, the transaction price of famous nuclear carving works has also risen. In 2005, in Beijing Hanhai Spring Auction, a 108 -grain of Qing Dynasty nuclear carving ancestors were sold at a high price of 1.342 million yuan, setting a record of nuclear carving auction.


Favorite nuclear carving first depends on the genre of nuclear carving. The northern faction is represented by the works of Hebei Langfang. It is carved with sculpture diamonds. It is rough, the price is low, and the collection value is not high. The southern faction is represented by Suzhou works, all of which are carved by hand, and the work method is delicate, so it has more collection value. Secondly, the carving workers, because carving is an important factor in determining the value of nuclear carving. Exquisite carvings often make nuclear carving emitting the qi and charm of artworks, especially the nuclear carvings with very complex patterns, and have high requirements for skills. Such works are more collectible. And some common Luo Han heads, Afu, Eighteen Luohan, etc., usually not highly required, are not high, and their collection value is dwarfed. In addition, like collective calligraphy and painting, nuclear carving should also choose famous works. The carving of famous artists is more delicate and vivid, and its nuclear carving works will not be duplicated. Each is unique orphan, and has more appreciation potential.

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