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Great lacquer furniture that collects three thousand years of lacquer art

Large lacquer furniture is the ancestors of ancient Chinese furniture. The so -called “Ming -style furniture” only captures one branch from it, which concisely reflects the psychology of worshiping things when the society is rich. The high lacquer furniture, the high ancient ancient accumulation of the nation, and the calmness of the color reflects the unpredictable heritage of the Song -type culture; and the society in the rich days of the Ming and Qing Dynasties only leaves it to it.


Before Ming -style furniture, what furniture concept has the lifeblood of the furniture? The Chinese are the oldest ethnic groups in the world. At least seven thousand years ago, there was paint bowls in Hemodu culture. The two major functional anti -corrosion and decoration have been used by the ancestors of the Chinese nation for a long time. The large number of Chu and Han lacquerware we can see today, the lacquerware of the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, have different styles and beautiful.


The lacquer furniture is divided into two roads. The palace and aristocracy are expensive all the way to the thick lacquer knife. This type of furniture is very important to appreciate and does not use it again, so production and the world are very small; the other road is the same, whether monochrome, chocolate or painted gold, will be fully used in the paint. Qiao Qiao, let the future generations be fortunate to see all kinds of ancient or near ancient furniture today. This book is slightly closed, so that we can appreciate the ancient meaning of furniture. Unlike the smooth and clever “Ming style in recent years furniture”.


The great lacquer is the same as that the Chinese people call the noble people. The lacquer trees are very widely distributed in China. The Yangtze River and the Yellow River Basin have grown. Trees and paint are cut and painted. They are cooked by raw, making large paint the most widely anticorrosive decorative material in ancient China. Because the paint film is hard and wear -resistant, as a protective layer of furniture, the Chinese have used at least 3,000 years.


For three thousand years, the large lacquer furniture made by Chinese people has been difficult to count. We are fortunate to see more than one tenth of 10,000 today. The lacquer skills are complicated, and the gray is hung, and it is used for a long time. Most of the ancient paint furniture is mostly before the middle of the Ming Dynasty, and can even go back to the Song and Yuan Dynasties, so the broken lines formed by the paint film are brilliant; later, the literati who are good at good things are broken, cattle, plum blossoms, turtle patterns, and broken turtle patterns. The abdomen of the snake, the dragon’s scales, etc., the endless rendering, the puzzled person is puzzled, fascinated by the fans. It is the flawed beauty formed by ancient paint that makes large paint a synonymous with ancient furniture, and then a treasure chased by knowledge collectors.

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