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The four major beasts of ancient China

In ancient China, the four major beasts that were most shocked by the evil spirits and the boundless mana were Qinglong, White Tiger, Suzaku, and Xuanwu. The Qinglong is the god of the East; the white tiger is the god of the West; Suzaku is the god of the south; Xuanwu is the god of the north, and the turtle and snake are combined. Therefore, there are “Qinglong, White Tiger, Suzaku, Xuanwu, the Four Spirits of the Heaven, with the square, and the King’s Palace Palace Pavilion. In the ancient times, the ancients divided the heavens into east and west, north and south, and the Qinglong (Canglong), the white tiger, The name of Suzaku, Xuanwu (a god of turtle -shaped). In fact, it is divided into four in the sky, and the seven major star centers are connected to each part to name them.

Qinglong is also called “Canglong”, the god of the East in ancient mythology. Dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation. Since the Huangdi is granted in heaven, the prestige, the dragon has become a symbol of the Chinese nation and even the entire China. Symbol and representative. In Eastern legend, Qinglong looks like a snake, Kirin head, carp tail, noodles with long beard, horn like deer, five claws, and mighty appearance. In Western mythology, dragons are more like lizards with long wings.


White Tiger, the god of the West in ancient mythology. The shape is like a tiger, white, and fierce, so it becomes a symbol of noble. At the same time, the white tiger also symbolizes mighty and the army. Therefore, many places named white tiger in ancient times were related to the military. For example, the white tiger flag in the ancient army and the white tiger statue on the soldiers.

Suzaku, also known as “Zhu Bird”, looks like a Phoenix, the god of the south in ancient mythology. Because it looks like a bird -like, it is located in the south, and the fire attributes are often appeared in the shape of a phoenix in the game. But in fact, Suzaku and Phoenix are two different creatures. Phoenix is the king of hundred birds, but Suzaku is the spiritual beast of heaven. It is more rare than Phoenix and more destructive.


Xuanwu, also known as “Zhenwu”, commonly known as “Emperor Zhenwu”, is the god of Taoism. According to legend, the prince of King Gu Jingle was born and fierce, and he came to the East China Sea. When he met the gods, he was awarded the sword and entered the Wudang Mountain in Hubei. After forty -two years, he was successful. Essence However, the Song Dynasty taboo Xuan Zi, so it was renamed Zhenwu. It is also said that it is a big turtle in Beihai. This turtle was once supported by the pillars to support the entire Penglai Xianshan. Because of its deep sense of spirituality, after many years of hearing the Tao, he finally fixed the fruit.


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