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Three famous works of Ming and Qing furniture

The Ming Dynasty was the golden age in the history of Chinese furniture. During this period, the shape, decoration, craftsmanship, and materials of furniture have reached a perfect situation, and have elegant and concise times. Later generations are called “Ming -style furniture”. Qing -style furniture is characterized by clever design, gorgeous decoration, fine workmanship, and changing changes. Especially the court furniture of the Qianlong period, the quality of materials, and the essence of craftsmanship, reached the point where there is no one to add. It is the style of clear furniture during this period. Ming and Qing furniture typically reflect the extremely superb craft value, high art appreciation value, rich historical and cultural value and collection value of Chinese furniture.

During the Ming and Qing dynasties, furniture was produced, and the boutique was mainly produced in Suzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Huizhou, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Yangzhou, Shanxi and other regions. Due to the differences in geographical environment, customs, and cultural traditions, various regions have formed their different furniture styles. Among them, the production of furniture in Suzhou, Guangzhou, and Beijing is the most famous.


In the Ming Dynasty, Su Zuo’s furniture was generous, concise, beautiful in shape, smooth lines, moderate proportion, and was good at using materials. Compared with Beijing and Guang, the ancient Chinese furniture of the hardwood in Su Zuzu is based on domestic materials such as elm, pine, beylum, and Nanmu.


The characteristics of Guangzuo Furniture are that the materials are thick, the shape is heavy, the materials are clear, the materials are not mixed, and the atmosphere is luxurious. In terms of structure, shape and decoration, it is greatly affected by Western architectural decoration style, mostly the combination of Chinese and Western. It is particularly worth mentioning that the inlaying skills in Cantonese furniture are alone, which is a must.


Jingpu Furniture refers to the furniture made in Beijing in Beijing. It is mainly based on several hardwood furniture such as rosewood, Huanghuali and mahogany. Due to the financial resources and material resources of the court, the production of furniture does not hesitate to work and use materials, and the decoration strives to be gorgeous. Inlaid, silver, silver, jade, ivory, enamel, treasure inlaid and other precious materials. Compared with the characteristics of Beijing -made furniture and combining with various crafts. On the other hand, due to excessive pursuit of luxury and decoration, the carving is sculpted, the body is huge, and it is not true. It dilutes practicality and even becomes a decoration. The level of art is not high. This is the biggest regret in Beijing’s furniture.

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