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The pen frame becomes a new favorite

The stroke is one of the strokes, which is one of the commonly used appliances. The gap between the brush in use needs to be placed in a certain position. The pre -Qin Dynasty was basically based on the puppet. At that time, the pen was often cut into a cone -shaped. It was for this purpose. In the air, it would not stain other things. At that time, there was no dedicated pens. Some changes in about the situation in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. Luoyang Xingyuan No. 6 is the tomb of the Wei period of the Three Kingdoms. There is a pottery figurine holding a pelvic with a two -handed man, with a fine eye, eyebrows, mouth, nose, ears, fine carvings, wearing a spire, sitting. There is a hole in the left shoulder. The image of this person is similar to the lantern slave. It should be the habit of being a slave in the Han Dynasty. Therefore, the appliance often uses the Huns as a shape, and the oil lamp frame is called lamp slave or candle. This slave’s hand -held paddy should be the water pelvis for research, and the holes on the shoulders are of course inserted the pen. The site of Datong North Wei Ping City, Datong, Shanxi is the capital of the capital to move to Luoyang. The unearthed stone tower, square, looks like a bed, carved with exquisite patterns, and a small hole in one corner. This is also used for insertion. This cricket may be a senior official or royal thing. The pens of the Northern and Southern Dynasties not only use the corner of the water pelvis and the platform, and the independent appliances, and an independent pens. Liang Wuqi, the southern dynasty, “Big Food”: “The cinnamon trees of Youshan … the roots are vertically and horizontal … Cut their rumors, for this pen, and the pen is refreshing. It is round and round, if the skeptical dispute. The long -faced sits and the smoke, and the pen will be stored forever to store the pen. ”


The material of the pen frame is generally porcelain, wood, purple sand, copper, iron, jade, ivory, crystal, etc. Among them, practical pen frames are most common in porcelain, copper, and iron, and the ornamentability is the most typical. There are particularly many styles.

Before the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the handed down products were not found, so the specific face was not very clear, but from the perspective of the literature, it was a mountain shape. The material of the “Ruojiu Suspected” is wood. It is extremely rare that the pen racks in the Tang Dynasty, but from the literature, the pen frames have become the permanent things of the study at this time, such as Du Fu’s poems: “The pen frame is stained with window rain, and the bookmark is gap.” Haying and Anbi, the sealing of the sand bed alone. “The material is no longer limited to wood, showing diverse, such as Luo Yin poetry:” Coral pen shelf is true beads, and once a few poems with Chen Wang. ”


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