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Ming -style furniture is the carrier of literati calligraphy and painting creation

In the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the four major talents in Jiangnan appeared in the middle of the Ming Dynasty. We believe that there is a special talent culture in the Ming Dynasty, which is a cultural style that expresses the ideal of life and highlights its interest. This culture has a strong dual characteristics, which has a strong elite cultural atmosphere and strong secularity. The elites see it super, and the world is gorgeous. It is in this kind of refined and secular interaction, forming a beautiful “talent” cultural landscape.


In the context of this talent culture, Ming -style furniture, as a carrier, entered the world of literati, and they described their thoughts and life feelings. The design and production of literati participation in Ming -style furniture not only has its unique concepts of aesthetic aspects, but also put forward a lot of unique insights in terms of materials, sizes, and shapes to meet the pastime, poems, books, paintings, paintings, etc. of the tea after dinner, etc. The actual needs of elegance. At the same time, in the design and production, the literati combined his own poems, books, and paintings with furniture to title poetry, painting, and seal on furniture to make it more artistic and cultural connotation.


Before the Ming Dynasty, the phenomenon of painting and painting on the furniture poems was rare. However, after the Ming Dynasty, many literati and ink customers used the natural texture of wood and stone to simulate landscapes, flowers and birds, and achieved the effects and fun of pen and ink. “Long Tuzhi” describes the marble “Tiancheng landscape and cloud smoke, such as Mijia Mountain, this is the supreme good product”; the “Museum to view” in the “Museum of Museum” in the Ming Dynasty, the rosewood “crab claw tattoo”, the rosewood “pattern into a landscape, the bird and the beast “, Shadow wood” Multi -festival, shrinking into landscapes, figures, birds and beasts, flowers and trees. ” At the same time, literati also inscribed inscriptions on their favorite cases and chairs. Zhang Tingji’s “Qingyi Pavilion Miscellaneous Wings” records: “Zhou Gong flaws, rosewood, three -inch high, one foot and three inches, one size and five inch eight minutes. For two days, if it lives for 70 years, it is 10040. ‘”” “” The famous sentence of Su Dongpo on the chair shows that his literati interest and super detached mood can be seen.


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