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The myth of “Nine Children of Dragon”

Dragon is the head of ancient Chinese beasts, and it can also be considered that it is the embodiment of God, a kind of God. Legend has it that Longsheng has nine children, and nine sons are not in Chenglong, each with differences. The so -called “Long Sheng Jiuzi” is not a dragon that happens to be born with nine sons.

Boss prisoner (qiúniú), happy music, squatting on the piano head


The second child (yá zì), the killing and fighting fight, engraved with the knife ring, the horn swallow


The third child (bì àn), looks like a tiger, has power, has a good life, is common in ancient prisoners, deterring prisoners.


The old fourth Suanni (suān ní), shaped like a lion, likes smoke and sit well, leaning on the incense burner’s feet, and then swallowing and foggy;


The old Five Ten (tāotiè) is lazy, delicious and delicious. It is common on the ancient cooking tripod. Xia Shang bronze wares can be seen. ”


The old six pepper map (jiāotú), shaped like snail mussels, is docile, commonly on the door, and the nest is guarded by the night, blocking the villain, is the protector of school, begging, and promotion;


The old seven Bixi (bìxì) (Bìxì), turtle -shaped with teeth, great energy and load, often carrying stone monuments in the palace, longevity, auspiciousness, and the protector of the fortune


The old eight kisses (chī wěn), also known as the tail or 鸱 (chi) kiss, is good at looking around, often standing in the roof of the building, as a swallowing spine, is a god beast guarding the house, dispel evil spirits, and lives in peace and career.


The old nine (the homophonic “Pixuu”), also known as evil spirits, is fierce in nature, swallowed gold and silver belly, there is no anus, only if you can’t get in, you can recruit wealth, and you can protect wealth and master wealth. Guardian;


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