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Large lacquer furniture_Napon in the history of Chinese furniture

When it comes to traditional Chinese furniture, the first thing people think of is “Ming -style furniture”. Mainly, the Ming -style hardwood furniture of rosewood and Huanghuali, such as rosewood, Huanghuali, etc. with elegant shapes and excellent craftsmanship as researchers and collectors. Lacquer furniture has rarely received attention.


From the material point of view, ancient Chinese wood furniture can be divided into hardwood furniture and cork furniture. The main selection of hardwood furniture is yellow rosewood, rosewood, chicken wings, redwood, grass pear, etc. After processing and polishing, the surface is naturally delicate, and the wood pattern is beautiful. Most of them use hot waxy processes without covering up. Corresponding to the “hard wood”, there are furniture made of “cork” made by “cork” such as nanmu, fir, beef, elm, walnut wood, etc. There are many cork furniture, and some of them adopt the method of hard wood furniture wax decoration, but it is more used. Process. The reason is that the cork furniture is soft and destructive due to the material material. The paint is the best choice to protect them.


China is the earliest country in the world to use lacquer. It has appeared in Hamdu culture 7,000 years ago. Before the Daishangdao of the Ming Dynasty, the handed down furniture we could see was mainly paint furniture. After the emergence of hard wood and empty utensils, lacquer furniture still develops, and the two lead them. The lacquer furniture Cheng Xia Shang, until the Ming and Qing Dynasties, has always been the mainstream in the history of Chinese furniture.


However, not all paint furniture can be called “large lacquer furniture”. In the book “Large Paint Furniture”, the author Liu Chuansheng strictly defined the “large paint” as a Chinese lacquer, that is, natural paint, which is used to distinguish the chemical paint. The decorative techniques of Chinese lacquer furniture can be divided into three types: direct paint, lacquer after gray, and lacquer lacquer. The so -called lacquer after gray refers to the smooth and flat wooden tire furniture, put it on the bottom of the gray, and then paint. The method of pimple hanging gray lacquer is more complicated. The basic program is to polish the wood tire first, and then use cotton fabric to be tightly wrapped with cotton cloth. Sticky. Later, the gray bottom, the paint, also from rough to thin, for counting. The so -called “large lacquer furniture” refers to the furniture that must have the “large lacquer” furniture that must have ash or numbness (cloth) on the tire.


In addition to the difference in processing furniture and large lacquer furniture, there is also a large difference in presentation effect: generally lacquer furniture lacquer layers are thin, most of which are monochrome paint, and it is easy to fall off in years. The painting, sculpture, filling, filling, etc., paint is not easy to fall off. If it is a handedled product, the latter has the inner light of the lacquer color and the beauty of the lacquer color, and has the beauty of Shen Mu. The paint surface can often form a broken pattern such as plum blossoms, snake belly, ice cracks, etc., and it is beautiful.

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