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The core of Chinese traditional tea culture

The tea ceremony is a tea drinking art based on practice, which is the unity of tea drinking and tea -drinking roads. The tea ceremony mainly includes four major points: tea art, tea ceremony, tea, and monastery.


Tea art refers to a set of techniques for preparations, water selection, fire, waiting for soup, and tea.
Tea ceremony refers to the law of etiquette in tea activities.
Tea realm refers to the place and environment of realistic activities; good environment;
Monastery refers to the highest category of Chinese philosophy by verifying activities, enlightenment, and Taoism. Generally, it generally refers to the overall law of the universe Daze, the ultimate truth, the general law of things, the essence of all things, or the origin.
China’s tea ceremony is mainly a “product”. Tea tasting is not only to identify the advantages and disadvantages of tea, but also the meaning of thinking and enjoyment of tea drinking.

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