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Pinye, one tea and one world, one leaf and one life

Tea enters the water and people enter the world. Tea can bring us a positive life experience. The starting point of Chinese culture is Confucian culture, and Confucianism advocates entering the WTO! This reflects a spirit of participation, which is the responsibility of a person, and the social responsibility that one person is to be. These are the perceptions of life that tea can bring to us, a kind of secretly in the spiritual level of Chinese traditional culture.


Gan Guan is a pair of twin brothers in tea soup. Before the tea soup swallowed, the sweetness of the tea spread from the tongue to the root of the tongue. After the tea soup swallowed, the sweetness of the tea emerged from the throat to the root of the tongue. With the cool feeling, the tongue was sprouting. Refreshing. For thousands of years, people have been drinking tea and culture, which is inseparable from this bitter taste.


Drinking tea is not only to quench thirst, but also tastes life more delicately. In this increasingly utilitarian and increasingly impetuous society, some even live in huge mental stress and economic pressure, can we face the society from another angle? Under too much hustle and bustle, let’s look at tea and look at the quiet growth of tea between the world away from the world. “When you look at the clouds, the sky is relieved.” Learn to “let go” and learn to “abandon” to have a elegant life like tea.

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