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The incense and incense in the incense road

In ancient times, the incense was mainly burned, that is, the spices were made into cakes and burned in a special incense burner. “Dream of Red Mansions” is described as “Bao Ding Tea Smart Smoke and Smart Green”. Later, the furnace was set with a low table, and the shallow disk made of silver leaves or cloud mother films made the fragrance less fire, so that the aroma naturally relieved and smoke -free and dry gas, that is, incense. The incense is not as strong as burning incense, but the incense wind is stunned, and it is bone. In the end of the 19th century, the French invented the method of burning essential oils with dark fire to become fragrant, making the way of incense on a level, that is, today’s incense.


Sweet utensils are some utensils needed when using incense, also known as incense (strictly speaking, the tools used when making incense are called “fragrant wares”, and the tools when using incense are called “fragrance”). As the incense make incense is becoming widespread, all kinds of incense utensils have emerged. The incense items have practical and decorative functions for the Chinese. The Chinese incense in the indoor incense has begun since the Warring States Period, but the furnace designed for incense is late until the Han Dynasty.


The incense items used in all ages include incense or incense burner, Boshan furnace, flower smoke, incense tube and sachets. In terms of exuding aroma, it can be divided into burning, smoking and naturally distributed. Such as vanilla, agarwood and co -fragrant fragrant fragrant fragrant fragrance of fragrant pills, lines, scent of fragrant and fragrant powder, must be burned. Resin fragrances such as Dragon brain must be burned with fumigation, that is, put the fragrance on the hot charcoal block. As for the blended fragrance, it emits the aroma in a natural volatile way.

The most famous officials, brothers, Ding, Ru, and Chai official kiln in the Song Dynasty all made a lot of incense burners. Although the porcelain furnace cannot be carved like a bronze furnace, the porcelain furnace of the Song Dynasty has its own simple and simple style, which has high aesthetic value. The Song people burn incense and often use incense burners and incense boxes at the same time. You can see the action of incense from ancient painting. Tim incense, the finger and the thumbs out of the incense pills, put it in a stove -grained furnace. Burning “fragrance” in the Song Dynasty was also popular, and powder -shaped spices were pressed into fixed shapes with molds, and then ignited.

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