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History of Chinese wine

According to research, it has been planted in the Han Dynasty (206 BC) to start planting grapes and produce with wine. Sima Qian’s famous & lt; & lt; Historical Records & GT; & GT; In 138 BC, the diplomat Zhang Jian worshiped the Emperor Hanwu to the Western Regions, and saw “Wan Zuo Tao Pottery as a wine, the rich people hide the wine to more than 10,000 stones. Interest. In fact, the Han envoys are actually coming, so the emperor started to plant the muxu, Putao fat. And the Tianma Duo, the foreign envoys came to the crowd, then the pottery was planted by the palace. ・ Biography & gt; & gt; 63). Da Wan is a country in the ancient Westworm, which fully illustrates that my country has learned and mastered grape planting and grape winemaking technology in the Western Han Dynasty during the Western Han Dynasty. The Western Regions have been the main origin of my country’s wine since ancient times. & lt; & lt; Turpan unearthed documents & gt; & gt; (formed by modernization based on unearthed documents), many historical materials recorded the situation of vineyard planting, operations, rents and wine trading in the Turpan area during the 4-8th century. From this historical material, it can be seen that the scale of wine production in that historical period is large.


In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the wine was still very precious. According to & lt; & lt; Taiping Royal Lan & GT; & GT; State History. It is enough to prove the rarity of wine at that time.
The process of wine is simplified than the brewing of rice wine, but because the production of grape ingredients is seasonal, it is not as convenient as grain raw materials. Therefore, the winemaking technology of wine has not been widely promoted. Historically, mainland wines have been maintained intermittently. The Tang Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty introduced grape brewing methods to the Mainland. The size of the Yuan Dynasty was the largest. Its production was mainly concentrated in the Xinjiang area. In the Yuan Dynasty, there were too large -scale grape planting and wine brewing in Taiyuan, Shanxi. And the Han people’s production technology for wine is basically uncomfortable.

Although the Han Dynasty introduced grapes and wine production technology, it did not spread it. After the Han Dynasty, the Central Plains region probably no longer planted grapes. Some remote areas often tribute to the later royal family to tribute to wine. The Central Plains region knew nothing about wine. Tang Taizong introduced grapes from the Western Regions, & lt; & lt; New Books in the South & GT; & GT; , Taste and hu’an, Chang’an began to recognize its taste. “The Song Dynasty book & lt; & lt;

During the Tang Dynasty, wine had a great influence in the Mainland. The grape cultivation method and wine brewing method from Gaochang could continue the long historical period in the Tang Dynasty. As a result, in many verses in the Tang Dynasty Essence Such as the famous famous verse: “Grape Wine Nights Cup, I want to drink pipa immediately (Wang Han” Liangzhou Ci “). Liu Yuxi (772-842) also made poetry praise wine. Shiyun: “I am a Jin people, and this is like a planting jade. This shows that Shanxi had already grown grapes and made wine. Bai Juyi, Li Bai and others all had poems of wine. At that time, Hu people also opened hotels in Changan to sell wine in the Western Regions.

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