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Miao Niujiao Wine and Hani Street Heart Wine

Horn wine: Miao people living in southeast Guizhou Guizhou, greeted guests with cow horn wine. They generally choose a beautiful buffalo horns, scrape the horns outside with a knife, carve pattern patterns on the surface, and then paint. When the guests came to the barrier to the Zhaimen (because they were afraid of escapeing wine, they used Chaihe and the table to open the road horizontally, as an obstacle), and wearing a gorgeous Miao family girl raised her horns to respect each other. At the same time, some other girls were on the guest’s chest Hanging two or three purple eggs in front indicates auspiciousness. When I first encountered this kind of scene, I saw this horn of about 500 grams of wine. I committed a cubs and had to make a cup of wine. In fact, the beef wine is mostly made of rice wine, which is fragrant and delicious, and is extremely nutritious. Especially in the summer to drink a glass of rice wine, thirst is very happy to quench the heat and heat.


Street Heart Wine: The Hani’s “Street Heart Wine” is relatively large, and hundreds of people are generally participated. Whenever the farming season, the Hanni people in Harbin Township, Yuanyang County, Yunnan Province have begun to hold a symbolic and auspicious street wine festival. Street -hearted wine, generally choose a wider street heart in the village to make a venue. The banquet is more than 100 meters long, with various types of vegetables and meat on the table, and there are long wooden stools on both sides for people to drink. In the two -day festival, from 10 am, people in the village gathered together to drink, talk, and bless. Who has difficulties or new plans the next year can be proposed to get help.


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