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History of West Lake Longjing Tea

West Lake Longjing Tea has a long history. It can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty in my country. At that time, the famous tea Saint Lu Yu. In the world’s first tea monograph “Tea Sutra”, there are Hangtianzhu and Lingyin Temple. Records. The name of the West Lake Longjing Tea began in Song Dynasty, smelled in Yuan, Yang Yu Ming, and presented in Qing. In the process of historical evolution for more than a thousand years, West Lake Longjing Tea from ringing to famous, from home drinks after the people’s dinner to the tributes of the emperor, from the famous tea of the Han nation to the famous products of the world, began its glorious glory period.


In the Ming Dynasty, the West Lake Longjing Tea began to make its debut, and his reputation gradually sowed, and he began to walk out of the temple and drink it for ordinary people. During the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, the “Zhejiang Plaster” records: The tea of Hangzhou County is not as good as the production of Longjing, and the fine buds before the rain, take a flag and one shot, especially the treasure, not much to produce, it should be expensive. “The Hangzhou Mansion’s” Hangzhou Mansion “in the Ming Dynasty has” Lao Longjing, its real estate tea, which is the best of the two mountains “.

Emperor Qianlong went down to Jiangnan six times, and came to the Longjing Tea District of West Lake to watch the tea and pick up the production of tea. The eighteen tea trees in front of the Hu Gong Temple were also named “Royal Tea”. Since then, West Lake Longjing Tea is well -known at home and abroad. Xu Ke recently said: “The green tea produced in various provinces is rarely a dark blue color, but the Longjing of the Hangzhou is deep.


Judging from the historical evolution of West Lake Longjing Tea, the reason why West Lake Longjing Tea can become famous and carry forward is that one is the good quality of West Lake Longjing tea, and the other is inseparable from the historical and cultural origin of West Lake Longjing tea itself. Therefore, West Lake Longjing Tea is not only the value of tea, but also the value of culture and art. It contains a deeper cultural connotation and historical origin.

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