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How should black tea make the best?

Chinese people drink tea, and it is naturally a kind of cultivation of tea, and the brewing of black tea is also very cultivated. So how should black tea make the best?


1. Fresh cold water into the boiled kettle to boil: Because the water flowing out of the faucet is full of air, the aroma of black tea can be fully guided, and the water that is boiled overnight, the second degree of water or the hot water in the thermos bottle, all are all Not suitable for brewing black tea.
2. Inject the boiling water in the boiling water to avoid the temperature of the water and the warm cup in a gradual way to avoid the water temperature too much: the shape of the general teapot has a short tap body, which makes the tea leaves completely stretch when brewing. And dance space.
3. Carefully consider the amount of tea: brew the strong tea, each person with 1 teaspoon (about 2.5g of tea amount), but if you want to make good black tea, it is recommended to use 2 cups of black tea (about 5g) Come into 2 cups, which can give full play to the original flavor of black tea and enjoy the fun of the renewal.


4. Inject boiling water into the pot and make tea: After about 30 seconds after the water starts to boil, when the water splashes looks like a round -size coin, it is most suitable for brewing black tea.
5. Waiting for the correct brewing time: Because fast brewing is unable to completely release the aroma of tea leaves, the general professional tea pot will professionally indicate the concentration of the tea (stream) The time of brewing tea. For example: concentration is divided into level 1-4, 1 is the weakest, 4 is the strongest), and the brewing time is from 2 minutes to 3 minutes and a half.
6. Pour the tea soup in the pot and pour it into your favorite tea cup: Although the tea cup has a variety of different shapes, in general, it belongs to the lighter and the cup is wide Let tea drinking people enjoy the aroma of black tea, and you can also appreciate its charming tea color.
7. Add an appropriate amount of sugar or milk according to your personal taste: If you choose to drink pure black tea, you are exactly the nature and original flavor of black tea. The tea for milk tea is generally heavy and has some astringency, but after adding a strong milk, the astringent taste will be reduced and the taste will become richer.

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