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Folklore_ The origin of Jasmine Tea

One winter, Beijing tea merchant Chen Guqiu invited a tea master to study what tea like to drink. When the tea tasting commented, Chen Guqiu suddenly remembered that a southern girl had given him a pack of tea. Looking for the packet of tea, please taste it. When brewing, as soon as the bowl lid was opened, it first was fragrant, and then in the rising heat, she saw a beautiful girl, holding a bouquet of jasmine with both hands, and then the work became a heat. Chen Guqiu asked the master when he was puzzled, and the master smiled and said, “Brother Chen, you do a good thing, this is the best of the tea. I have only heard of it in the past. your”. Chen Guqiu talked about the experience of going to the south to buy tea in the south three years ago to meet a lonely young girl. The girl told the family that the father’s body was parked in the family. Neighbors helped her move to relatives’ house.


Three years later, when I went to the south again this spring, the owner of the guest shop transferred to him this small bag of tea, saying that the girl was delivered three years ago. At that time, it was not brewed. Boss, the boss said the girl had been dead for more than a year. The two lamented for a while, and the master suddenly said, “Why did she hold jasmine alone?” The two repeatedly brewed again, and the girl with the jasmine blossom appeared again. Chen Guqiu realized the tea while tasting: “According to my opinion, this is the tea fairy tips, jasmine can be put in tea.” The following year, the jasmine flower was added to the tea, and it really made a fragrant and seductive jasmine tea, which was deeply affected by the northerners. I love, since then there is a new tea jasmine tea.

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