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How to distinguish between draft beer and mature beer?

Where does beer come from? Beer is brewed from barley malt as the main ingredient, with the addition of hops and fermentation by yeast. The difference between so-called draft beer and cooked beer is whether the beer has been sterilized at high temperatures.


Raw beer is unpasteurized beer filtered through diatomaceous earth, which tastes fresh, has no bubbles, is slightly bitter, and stays fresh for a day or two at room temperature; cooked beer is pasteurized by the pasteurization method. (Different bacteria have different optimum growth temperatures and heat and cold tolerance. Pasteurization takes advantage of the fact that pathogens are not very heat-resistant and kills them all under long-term high-temperature conditions.)

The fresh yeast in draft beer can stimulate gastric juice secretion, increase appetite, and promote digestion and absorption, which is helpful for thin people to increase their physique and weight. Cooked beer, on the other hand, is more suitable for fat people because it is sterilized and filtered, stable and can be stored for a longer period of time or used for field sales.


Because of the high aseptic environment requirements and production costs of draft beer, the cost of testing alone is 20 times higher than that of ordinary beer, and therefore the market price is higher. As an average consumer, it is difficult to technically distinguish between real and fake draft beer. However, in terms of price, draft beer is generally about 50% more expensive than regular ones.

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