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Can AI painting really replace artists?

AI painting enthusiasts: "Easy to operate", "Efficient", "Lacks essence and vitality" As a new type of art, AI art has become a trend on the internet. In last year's art creation competition at the Colorado State Fair, a group of retro-style science fiction works appeared, which combined 17th-century European opera house scenes with highly imaginative outer space. Dancers wearing gorgeous costumes stand on the dome and roam in space, full of magical colors, like a lifelike space opera. This work, called "Space Opera House", won first prize and was created using "Midjourney". It is reported that the creator made adjustments…

How to Use Midjourney to Create AI Art

Midjourney makes it easy to participate in the rise of AI-generated art. Artificial intelligence art is becoming more advanced, and part of that includes becoming more accessible. Midjourney is one such example. This tool generates images based on your text prompts using the powerful capabilities of AI and machine learning. This is similar to other AI art generators, such as OpenAI's DALL-E. Once you know how to use Midjourney, you can effortlessly create truly unique works of art. Compared to many other AI programs (such as ChatGPT), gaining access to Midjourney is much easier. There is no need to install…

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