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Design Recommendations

This is a unique type of lighting that takes inspiration from natural forms to create practical projects. It adopts the form of light from within the light itself and extends it in four directions. There is a strong light inside which spreads out, producing a soft and calming effect.

With this key-shaped bottle opener, you’ll always have a bottle opener at hand on your keychain. The steel bottle opener features a brushed finish of jewelry quality. The opener comes with a durable nickel-plated split key ring. It’s made of stainless steel.

Can AI painting really replace artists?

AI painting enthusiasts: "Easy to operate", "Efficient", "Lacks essence and vitality" As a new type of art, AI art has become a trend on the internet. In last year's art creation competition at the Colorado State Fair, a group of retro-style science fiction works appeared, which combined 17th-century European opera house scenes with highly imaginative outer space. Dancers wearing gorgeous…

How to Use Midjourney to Create AI Art

Midjourney makes it easy to participate in the rise of AI-generated art. Artificial intelligence art is becoming more advanced, and part of that includes becoming more accessible. Midjourney is one such example. This tool generates images based on your text prompts using the powerful capabilities of AI and machine learning. This is similar to other AI art generators, such as…

Design is a visual language, and it is an international and social subject. If a designer hopes to achieve great success in design, they must be rooted in local culture while expressing their design ideas through professional competence using international language and social sensitivity.

TCCF is committed to providing an online platform and opportunity for emerging designers and artists with great potential for international development to showcase their talents and achievements, enhance dialogue and exchange with various sectors, and lay a solid foundation for designers and artists who possess professional and social value.

Event content

All works must be completed between 2018 and 2022, including:

1.Overall image design: logo, visual identity system
2.Poster design: cultural posters, social posters, commercial posters, environmental public service posters
3.Printing and publishing design: book layout design, book cover and jacket design, newspaper and magazine layout design, catalogue design, promotional brochure design, etc.
The deadline for submitting entries is November 10, 2022 (postmark date).

China Packaging Federation Taiwan Association Design Committee
Department of Design, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts
School of Fine Arts, Shaanxi Normal University
School of Arts, Northwest University
Department of Journalism and Communication, College of Liberal Arts, Huaqiao University
Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Appreciation of Bon Mask

Bon is one of the oldest religions in the world, originating from the inland region of Central Asia adjacent to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. Its history dates back over 18000 years. It covers aspects such as Tibetan medicine, astronomy, calendar, geography, divination, painting, enlightenment, philosophy, religion, etc. It has had an important impact on the ethnic culture of Tibet and…

Appreciation of Diamond Pestle

Vajra, or "Dorje" in Tibetan, was originally an ancient Indian weapon that could break through all kinds of materials because of its strong texture, hence the name Vajra. In Tantric Buddhism, the pestle symbolizes invincible wisdom and true Buddha nature, which can break all kinds of worries and destroy all kinds of demons that hinder the practice of Buddhism. All…

The Meaning of the Number of Buddha Beads

Buddha beads, also known as prayer beads, are tools used by Buddhists to count and bind their hearts when chanting Buddha; It is also an essential keepsake for Buddhist disciples when practicing. Today, many people who enjoy fashion or display individuality also wear a string of Buddhist beads, but they may not necessarily know the meaning of different lengths of…

What are the taboos for the worship and maintenance of black sandalwood pixiu

Black sandalwood pixiu is made of black sandalwood, which has a dense structure, uniform hardness, and a metallic luster. What the market truly recognizes is Indonesian ebony, which is a national treasure of Indonesia. As one of the world's famous trees, Indonesian ebony is the ultimate in both quality and grade among mahogany. Generally speaking, a cup of clean water…


We are committed to providing the best copyright protection and creative product commercialization services for designers and artists.

Mondrian – the master of line and color blocking!

Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) came from a family of a church school principal in Amersfoort, Holland. He began painting at the age of 14, became a local high school art teacher at the age of 20, and began working in academic and realism, then drew from Impressionism, Symbolism and Post-Impressionism. It was not until 1911, after seeing the early Cubist works…

Malevich – the founder of suprematist art

Malevich pioneered geometric painting, and the works that have survived are still surprising for their simplicity all these years later. He is considered the great pioneer of abstract painting in the twentieth century. With his enigmatic works, he sketched out another bright star for the 20th century art world, heralding the dawn of various art movements, from Dadaism to the…

How to taste and appreciate modern art works

Many people are confused and angry about modern artworks: "Why are there so many unexplained random shapes in modern artworks? Wasn't it just a random scribble by the artist? What is the artistic value of this? Even a child can draw like this, right? Is it because the artist is famous, and a few strokes of paint is a work…

Creation myths and form(s) of the gods in ancient Egypt

Egypt’s mythic world, rich with creative imagery, was deeply informed by the natural world that surrounded them. The divine landscape and the stories about the beings that inhabited it continued to evolve through Egyptian history. Over time, these myths wove an elaborate tapestry of meaning and significance, often presenting layered, seemingly contradictory viewpoints that existed simultaneously without apparent conflict. Similarly,…

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